NIDEK CO., LTD. (Gamagori, JAPAN)  

Founded in 1971, Nidek has grown into the world's leading supplier of surgical and diagnostic products for vision care. Based in Gamagori, Japan, and with 1995 revenues of close to US $300 million, Nidek is today firmly established in over 90 countries through a network of wholly owned subsidiaries and specialist independent distributors.


Italian distributor of Nidek's opto-electronic and medical equipment since 1991, including Excimer Laser System EC-5000.

  NIDEK S.A. (Crèteil, FRANCE)  

Established in a suburb of Paris in 1988, this office operates as a strategic marketing and service base for the European Union's ever-changing market.

  NIDEK INC. (Fremont, CA-USA)  

Sales and service base in the U.S. - the largest ophthalmic equipment market in the world.