Magellan Mapper Corneal Topographer
Magellan Mapper - Videokeratoscopy   Magellan Mapper - Topographic Map   Magellan Mapper - 3D Topographic Map
The first plug & play Corneal Topographer
  • Magellan Mapper connects via a USB port to any Notebook or
    Desktop Computer featuring Windows 2000 or XP and
    Nidek’s state-of-the-art Corneal Topography Software Application.
Magellan Mapper - USB Connection
  Easy and Quick Operations      
  • Ergonomic design, bright ring projection and easy alignment
    reduce examination time and require minimum patient co-operation.
  Magellan Mapper - Ergonomic Design  
  Sharp Angle Ring Projector
  • Unlike conventional topographers, Magellan Mapper features
    a unique small diameter ring projector enhancing ring quality
    on the cornea and avoiding artifacts.
  Magellan Mapper - Rings Projector  
  Ultimate accuracy in Corneal Topography      
  • For unsurpassed clinical accuracy Magellan Mapper features a streamlined
    30-ring projector, dual-edge ring finder with an astounding 60 rings detected,
    21600 data points and a high resolution camera.
  Magellan Mapper - Dual-Edge Rings
  Unique and Innovative Corneal Topography Software      
  • Fast and Easy to use interface
  • Single, multiple and 3D map displays.
  • Axial, tangential, refractive and height algorithms.
  • Absolute, standard, adjustable and normalized scales.
  • Extremely fast calculations and display.
  Magellan Mapper - Corneal Topography Software  
  Fully Graphic Contact Lens Fitting Software
  • Topographic and fluorescein maps, tear film layer,
    lens profile and 3D fitting displays.
  • Rigid and soft lenses, stock, custom and adaptive lenses.
  • Custom lens definition and editing.
  • Fully customizable fitting criteria and procedures.
  • Fourier analysis of corneal power and high-low order components.
  Magellan Mapper - Contact Lens Fitting Software  
  • Nidek’s NAVIS ophthalmic operating system is included
    in every Magellan Mapper.
  • NAVIS - Nidek Advanced Vision Information System - provides
    complete patient data management, automatic data transfer from
    all ophthalmic instruments and the necessary telemedicine connectivity.
  NAVIS - Nidek Advanced Vision Information System  
  System Structure      
  1. Head Rest
  2. Ring projector
  3. Optical Head
  4. Joystick
  5. Chin Rest Adjustment
  System Configuration      
  • Solid state illumination
  • CCD camera
  • NAVIS Operating System
  • Class 1B (according to IEC 601-1)
  • Power Supply: 100/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 36x46x54 cm / 14.2"x17.7"x21.3"
  • Weight: 15 Kg / 33 Lbs
  • Operating temperature: 15 / 30 C - 59 / 86 F
  • Not condensing relative humidity: 30 ÷ 75 %