The way we deliver eye care continues to evolve and change. Practices are becoming more efficient and the quality of care continues to improve. Physicians are becoming data analyzers with increasing amounts of data gathering relegated to ophthalmic technicians. But information systems gathering this data and for keeping patient records in private practice have not kept up with other technologies' until now.

NAVIS provides real time review of diagnostic patient information from a multitude of ophthalmic instruments. Anything from simple lens meters to high resolution fundus imagery is connectable. Data from these instruments is automatically saved to a patient's electronic chart, transcription errors, decreasing examination time and increasing patient throughput. As a practitioner, the data is immediately available to you from anywhere in your facility. You can examine refractive data, tonometry, visual fields, fundus imagery, anterior segment photos, even confocal microscopy in your private office prior to consultation with your patient in the examination lane. Your technicians can instantly retrieve the data in the examination lane and have it ready for your analysis with the patient.

NAVIS is not only flexible in its functionality; its modular design enables NAVIS to be customized for your individual needs in practice. If you require just topographic, refractive and slit lamp imagery for your refractive surgery practice, digital retinal imagery for your retinal clinic, or a little of everything for your general practice, NAVIS will adapt to your needs.

NAVIS increases your profitability by increasing efficiency in patient flow and synchronizing scheduling, insurance and billing procedures. More time is created to see additional patients, get administrative work completed (or to have dinner with your family). NAVIS can truly improve the quality of your professional life.

Because NAVIS is based on an open architecture, third parties can connect their software to its database. So your front office software vendor can integrate their software and your data with NAVIS. From facilitating better doctor-patient communication to archiving important patient data, their system is highly flexible, yet simple to operate. NAVIS is truly a comprehensive solution for eye care.

NAVIS is the affordable way to bring your practice into the digital millennium. Contact your NAVIS representative today for a complementary practice analysis. See how NAVIS can make practice a pleasure again, with happier better informed patients, better record keeping, increased patient flow and higher profits.

NAVIS connecting you in ways you never imagined

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